Paris Hilton Metallic Dress

1.899 kr

Paris Hilton Metallic Dress - Small är restnoterad och skickas så snart den är tillbaka i lager.

Paris Hilton Metallic Dress festival Edition.
Spotted in the dust in the Black Rock City, in our beautiful dress with a lot of sequins decorated all over the dress. Shell formed sequins are glued to the fabric that creates a shiny shimmery dress that is perfect to wear to festivals, birthday parties, rave's, weddings and a lot more. The dress has a bodysuit underneath which makes it stay in place when moving around. The sequins are glued on the fabric which can make them drop when dancing around wild. Extra sequins are sent with the dress if this happens so you can glue them back (we use super glue for fabric).

Normal european sizes.

Model at the picture is 175cm and wears size Medium.