Simple Style Kimonos that Guarantee Freedom

At Born in Stockholm, we make unisex kimonos that add style to everyone's attire. The airy long sleeves and open front give you a feeling of freedom. The beautiful patterns add a regal middle-eastern or Hawaii tinge that looks spectacular.

Our style gurus sew every kimono from top to hem, weaving the fabric into an easy dress that feels like the wind. The smooth kimono fabric does not crease, tear, or wear down easily, because of the durable fabric.

Buy a Simple Kimono Today

Enhance your style today with a regal and royal simple kimono. Our kimonos embrace diversity and come in a universal size that fits everyone. You can pin your favorite kimono onto your shoulders today at Born in Stockholm.

We deliver the aesthetic and substance to your doorstep, regardless of where you live. Order your simple kimonos today and enhance your style today. With our worldwide delivery, you can get fast shipping to any part of the world.