Vibrant Boho Kimono Styles

Let the vibrant, exquisite, colors of Bohemian kimonos uplift your mood and experience. Become one with the wind and the soothing energy of every festival. At Born In Stockholm, we value colors, and our kimonos for women and men express that spectacularly.

If you love some dark colors, try the San Lucas Boho kimono. People who love expressing their inner energy through vivid colors should try our floral kimono Bohos. Try our hand-sewn and printed Kimono today to experience a surreal style.

Get Bohemian Kimonos: Ride the Breeze of Style

We offer stylish, elegant, and affordable Kimono Bohos. Our short and long kimono is all-inclusive, which means every body type, be it petite or plus size, can wear them. Our semi long - sleeve kimono keeps you safe from the sun, while giving you a free, liberating feeling. 

Get some chic men's and women's Boho Kimonos today. Our worldwide delivery brings the best selection of Boho kimonos to your doorstep.