Face gems / Face Jewels 3

$14.00 USD

Face gems / Face jewels 3

Get festival ready with our face jewels! Perfect for that warehouse rave, Ibiza pool party or just a party night out. 

Our safe and skin friendly festival gems come in a range of fabulous versatile colours and mixes for you to pick from to suit your individual style. A face jewellery really makes that extra to your party outfit.

Applying to face & body...Gently does it, carefully remove each jewel from the packaging, apply to your skin ensuring you press down firmly for around 3-5 seconds and you're good to go! To enhance the look, combine with our fabulous range of chunky glitters and festival proof adhesive for that extra hold'ability! We recommend to reuse the face sticker again for next party, just apply your choice of body glue again to the sticker to use again.