Alessa reflective mirror party dress pink

$261.00 USD

Alessa reflective mirror party dress pink

Introducing the Ultimate Party reflective dress made out of a bodysuit and a flare skirt. Unleash Your Inner Sparkle! A dazzling outfit that's perfect for making memories on the dance floor. Designed for the bold and vivacious party woman who craves festival vibes, electrifying parties, unforgettable Halloween nights, and fabulous bachelorette gatherings, this dress is your ticket to owning the spotlight. Adorned with beautifully hand-glued mirror sequins, However, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most of your experience. 

• Reflective mirror sequins
• Turtleneck collar
• Closed with a zipper 
• Flared skirt
• Bodysuit 
• The model in the picture is 175cm tall (5´9 inches) and wears size Medium. 
• Futuristic party dress in pink

This amazing reflective dress is made out of two different pieces. A Bodysuit and a Skirt that creates a beautiful flare dress. You can wear the bodysuit and skirt separately. 

A Note on Sequins: The mirror sequins on this dress are meticulously applied by hand, creating a breathtaking effect. As you dance and twirl in this outfit, be careful with the sequins when you are dancing. Should you notice a sequin or two loosening during your night of revelry, don't worry! A little dab of fabric glue, available at most craft stores, can easily reattach them. It's a simple solution that keeps your dress looking as fabulous as ever. We will include some extra sequins in the package.

How to take care of the fabric?
- Please wash it carefully by hand in cold / medium warm water and mild detergent.

Model Size & Fit

(Please note that the material for this dress is very stretchy, so this is an approximate size guide)


  • Bust: 88-92 cm (34.6-36.2 inches)
  • Waist: 62-66 cm (24.4-26 inches)
  • Hip: 82-86 cm (32.3-33.9 inches)
  • Shoulder: 36 cm (14.2 inches)


  • Bust: 92-94 cm (36.2-37 inches)
  • Waist: 66-72 cm (26-28.3 inches)
  • Hip: 86-94 cm (33.9-37 inches)
  • Shoulder: 38 cm (15 inches)


  • Bust: 94-98 cm (37-38.6 inches)
  • Waist: 72-79 cm (28.3-31.1 inches)
  • Hip: 94-100 cm (37-39.4 inches)
  • Shoulder: 39 cm (15.4 inches)