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What To Wear To A Rave | Popular Rave Outfit Ideas 2024

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You can wear anything to a rave as long as you're comfortable in it, and it matches the mood. While this sounds simple on paper, it leaves plenty of first-time ravers scratching their heads. Nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb.

We're help to help our rave gang, by giving you a list of the best rave outfit inspirations. You'll find all kinds of outfits that will help you find your inner vibe. We'll also tell you some secret tips to make your next rave even better.

Let's start with the basics.

Quick Guide: Possible Outfits to Wear for a Rave

Here are some possible outfits that you can wear to your next rave festival:

Rave Outfit Best For Rave Comfort / 10 Price
GIA Futuristic Mirror Jumpsuit Women 10 $279
CeeCee Rhinestone Jumpsuit Women 10 $246
Evie Holographic Space Disco Costume Women 9 $313
Fernanda Rhinestone Bodysuit Women 9 $202
Leila Rhinestone Festival Bodysuit Women 10 $224
Cenote Simple Kimono, White Tee and Sweatpants Men 10 $213 for the Kimono
Denim Jacket, Blue Denim Pants, White Tee Men 8 Variable
White Tank Top, Ripped Light Blue or Gray Jeans Men 10 Variable
Leather Jacket and Blue Denim Pants Men 9 Variable
Striped Half Sleeve Shirt and Chino Pants Men 10 Variable

For more recommendations, you can try out our full line of Rave Outfits .

Rave Outfits for Women

From glam and glaz to subtle but smooth, we've looked at numerous outfit ideas and selected the best rave outfits that you can wear to your next rave. Our list includes options for winter, summer, people who like to keep their hands covered, and ravers who like to party hard.

1. GIA Futuristic Mirror Jumpsuit

The GIA Futuristic Mirror Jumpsuit is a work of art and the perfect dress for your next rave. The suit is made of durable and breathable spandex. You can vibe to the beats and bars for as long as you like, and you won't even break a sweat.

This reflective dress will bounce all of the light and turn you into a living ball of joy. It's the perfect female dress for a rave, and you can get it for $279 today.

Outfit Type Jumpsuit
Material Spandex, Hand Glued Sequins, and Rhinestones
Love It Because It's dazzling, flexible, and comfortable
Comfort Level

Excellent because it's light, breathable, and flexible

Sizes Small, Medium, and Large
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Both Summer and Winter
Price $279 

2. CeeCee Rhinestone Jumpsuit

When you want to dance your night away in style, don the CeeCee Rhinestone Jumpsuit. It has a vibrant pink allure, sparkling glitter, and the perfect flexibility. The CeeCee Rhinestone jumpsuit is perfect for members of the Barbie Girl Club who want style and substance.

The dress is made of spandex material and has a zipper at the back. This one piece is loaded with hand-glued rhinestones that sparkle like stars in the sky. You can get the CeeCee Rhinestone jumpsuit for $246 today.

Outfit Type Jumpsuit
Material Spandex, Hand Glued Rhinstones
Love It Because Durable, Breathable, and Easy to Wear
Comfort Level Outstanding because its soft and breathable
Sizes Small, Medium, and Large
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Both Summer and Winter
Price $246 

3. Evie Holographic Space Disco Costume

The Evie Holographic Space Disco costume is a cyberpunk-styled dress that guarantees attention and glam. It's a complete costume, consisting of a dazzling jacket, skirt, and smooth reflective crop top. Each mirro on the dress reflects a rainbow that signifies your bubbly emotions and dedication to joy.

The light colors are perfect for day and night EDM festivals. You can get the whole set for $313 and get ready for your next music festival.

Outfit Type Full Set of Top, Skirt, and Jacket
Material Spandex Mix, Synthetic Mirrors
Love It Because You can shine like a rainbow
Comfort Level Very comfortable and snug
Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mostly Summers and Mild Winters
Price $313 

4. Fernanda Rhinestone Bodysuit

The Fernanda Rhinestone bodysuit is a great option for day raves. The sleeveless design and thin mesh neckline, combined with the spandex material, make it a great option for outdoor raves in the summer. The hand-glued rhinestone neck and body make the dress more appealing.

Ravers can get their hands on the Fernanda Rhinestone bodysuit for $202, before their next big summer festival. You can add some fishnet leggings to turn the heat up a notch. 

Outfit Type Bodysuit
Material Spandex, Mesh, Sequins, Rhinestones
Love It Because It's two decades ahead of its time
Comfort Level Very breathable and comfortable
Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mostly Summers and Mild Winters
Price $202 

5. Leila Rhinestone Festival Bodysuit

When you wear the Leila Rhinestone Bodysuit, the very ground beneath your feet turns into a dance floor. This lavish and beautiful dress, has gold sequins, rhinestones, and a bedazzling turtleneck collar, that gives you a space-age appearance.

With our special glasses, you can turn this piece of reflective clothing into a fully functional future themed costume. You can get the flair of Leila Rhinestone for only $224 right now. 

Outfit Type Full Costume
Material Spandex, Sequins, and Rhinestones
Love It Because It's a futuristic, head turning dress
Comfort Level Excellent because of flexibility and soft materials
Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mostly Summers and Mild Winters
Price $224 

Rave Outfits for Men

Raves culture is genderless, and both males and females can enjoy it. We've looked at some great outfit ideas for males and collected them in the list below. Choose the rave attire that best fits your personal style and preferences.

1. Cenote Simple Kimono, White Tee and Sweatpants

Nothing screams ready for Rave more than a simple white tee and some simple black sweatpants. But that's a bit too ordinary, so don the Cenote Simple Kimono on top. It's the billionaire, philanthropist, martial artist, every-day life-enjoyer look that we know you'll love.

It's a great fit for indoor parties and the greater outdoors. Plus, you can use the Kimono and sweatpants to lounge around like a boss at home. You can get the Cenote Simple Kimono for $213 today. 

Outfit Type Full Costume
Material Cotton Kimono, Chino Pants, Cotton Shirt
Love It Because It's the perfect care-free raver look
Comfort Level Outstanding
Sizes Standard 140 cm Long Kimono, Other Items Custom
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mild Summers and Winters
Price $213 For the Kimono 

2. Denim Jacket, Blue Denim Pants, White Tee

Want to look refined but not restricted? Wear the perfect indoor and outdoor rave fit. The blue denim pants and white tee give you a feeling of simplicity, while the denim jacket equips you with a regal and refined vibe. You don't wear too many layers, so everything is breathable and mobile.

If you feel a bit too warm, you can just take off the jacket or tie it around your waist. It's the perfect outfit for every type of concert and rave.

Outfit Type Complete Fit
Material Denim Jacket and Pants, Cotton Shirt
Love It Because It screams refined taste and class
Comfort Level Very comfortable and cozy in Winters
Sizes Custom
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Winters
Price Variable

3. White Tank Top, Ripped Light Blue or Gray Jeans

This is the perfect fit for everyone who wants to let their inner demons run rampant. The Ripped Jeans combo goes well with the universally compatible White Tank Top, giving you an easy-going, friendly, raver look. Because of the open and exposed design, we'd recommend this outfit for outdoor, indoor, and underground summer raves.

It's every college going student's first combo, and you can arrange it effortlessly. Everyone has a white tank top, and finding ripped jeans isn't that hard.

Outfit Type Punk Combo
Material Cotton Tank Top and Ripped Jeans
Love It Because It offers freedom and a rebellious style
Comfort Level Great, because it isn't stifling
Sizes Custom
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mostly Summers and Mild Winters
Price Variable

4. Leather Jacket and Blue Denim Pants

Bring out your inner rebel with a leather jacket and blue denim pants. If you've been working out, this is the perfect attire to show off those gains. The leather jacket only covers your arms and sides of your torso, so you can go crazy without worrying about sweat.

Like the other entries on this list, this outfit is easy to assemble and very versatile. You can wear it to a rave, concert, or any other event that doesn't necessitate wearing a T-shirt.

Outfit Type Exposed Combo
Material Leather Jacket and Denim Pants
Love It Because It exudes confidence and boldness
Comfort Level Great because it's airy and open
Sizes Custom
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Mostly Summers and Mild Winters
Price Variable

5. Striped Half Sleeve Shirt and Chino Pants

Nothing looks better than some Chino pants and a Striped Half Sleeve shirt. It's an airy fit, flexible, fun, and doesn't make you uncomfortable in your own skin. You can make as any combinations as you want with your favorite dark or bright colors.

Here are some possible combinations that we recommend: a white and dark blue horizontal Shirt with light blue denim pants, and a black striped shirt with black chinos or denim pants. These are standard color combos and go with whatever rave or concert you're going to.

Outfit Type Casual Combo
Material Variable Shirt Material but Chino Pants
Love It Because It's a snug and comfortable fit that offers flexibility
Comfort Level Excellent because of mobility
Sizes Custom
Is It a Summer or Winter Outfit? Summers and Mild Winters
Price Variable

Is there a General Dresscode for Raves?

While there is no general dress code for raves, here are some things that you should consider when planning for one:

  • Weather:  Shivering has never been considered a dance, so dress according to the weather. If it's a day rave in the summers, wear light clothing with full sleeves. If it's a winter rave, wear full sleeved clothing, with an extra jacket or any other upper layer.
  • Flexibility:  Wearing clothes that are too tight will only limit your movements. Wear flexible and durable clothes that give you mobility, but aren't too loose. Most of the spandex dresses in our collections are very flexible and come in different sizes.
  • Durability:  Your dress should be durable enough to withstand to smooth moves. Wearing spandex or a high quality jersey is a good way to ensure durability. As an extra precaution, take some extra clothes with you for unforeseen circumtances.
  • Matching Shoes:  While a dress can elevate your style in a rave, mismatching shoes will only destroy it. Remember to wear appropriate and comfortable shoes with every dress. Some popular rave shoes include sneakers, combat boots, and welsie boots. As a general rule of thumb, avoid heels because they won't work for raves.

These are the general items that you should consider wearing to your first rave. However, this isn't everything, because there are tons of other accessories that can elevate and refine your rave clothes.

What Else Do You Wear To A Rave?

There are tons of small trinkets and additions that you can wear at a rave to feel more in tune with the environment. Here are some of the additional accessories that you can add to your rave outfit:

Neon Lights for the Sway

Neon Lights are a necessity at raves and EDM concerts. They come in all shapes and sizes, from sticks to wrist bands, and each one is equally enticing. Wear neon lights that match your outfit and dance to the beats as if you're in the vast expanse of space, surrounded by a million stars.

Body Paint to Paint the Town Red

Your arms may feel a bit empty when you're wearing sleeveless clothes. Fill the void with your favorite colors through body paint. It's temporary, fun, and gives you a whole new vibe according to your mood, especially if you paint it all yourself.

You can even get Face Gems and Bindis to give yourself a complete makeover. These trinkets can represent your inner gem of a soul on your physical body.

Kandis and Bracelets

Kandis and bracelets are a great way to accentuate your wrists and arms. You can find tons of Kandis and bracelets, including the Cinco Stone Bracelet , which goes well with light colors. Another great option is the Kai Cuff Silver Bracelet , which matches with almost any outfit.

Earplugs For the Extra Noise

Rave concerts are a lot louder and noisier, especially with all of the vibing fans. Having some ear plugs will muffle out all of the unnecessary noise. If you're having a headache, just pop in the ear plugs, and you can get back to vibing.

Sunglasses to Keep the Strobes Low

Rave concerts are known for their blinding, flashy lights, which may just irritate you when you're looking towards the stage. Wear some futuristic rave glasses to protect your eyes and keep your style intact.

You can try the exotic Xena Tribal Googles or the Umi Space Sunglasses . If you want to wear something simpler, go for standard sunglasses.

Hydration Packs Because Dehydration Kills the Vibe

When you bop around for hours, you're bound to feel dehydrated. Keep a hydration pack with you to get your electrolytes and energy levels back up again so you don't rave cough your lungs away. Ideally, you should keep an energy drink, water, and some oranges by your side to stay hydrated.

Fanny Packs for Some Portable Space

When you're enjoying the vibe, you might lose track of your pockets. Your phone or wallet could drop out, and your fun will be spoiled.

Having a fanny pack saves you from this unnecessary trouble, by keeping everything inside a safe zipper-locked space. Plus, it's a great fashion statement when you choose the right colors.


Rave culture is all about exploring your identity, and finding your chord in the noise. One way to express your individuality and uniqueness is through the clothes you wear. With the right rave attire, you can push the outer limits of your style beyond the boundaries of creativity.

With our rave outfit ideas, you can express yourself and become one with the very beats that permeate through the air. Order your rave attire today with Born In Stockholm and get guaranteed quality, along with the best prices. We have a full inventory of Rave Outfits waiting for you.