Bohemian Ibiza Outfit

$484.00 USD

Bohemian Ibiza Outfit

Elevate your style with our unique Bohemian Ibiza Outfit – a unique combination  featuring our Amandari Kimono blue, Moremi harem pants and two necklaces. This versatile set effortlessly transitions from exotic beach parties to sunlit festivals, embodying a carefree, bohemian spirit. Designed for all occasions, the model, standing at 189cm, effortlessly showcases the one-size-fits-all pieces. Immerse yourself in the essence of boho chic with this curated collection, perfect for those seeking a fashionable and free-spirited vacation wardrobe.

Including in this set is:

- "The Amandari Kimono"
- "Moremi harem pants white"
- "The wood necklace"
- "The silver necklace"

• The model on the pictures is 189cm 
• Kimono and pants are in onesize and fits all sizes
• Kimono is made of 100% Rayon
• Pants made of 100% cotton
• Wash in hand wash cold water